My new personal e-mail

I recently realized that my gmail was subscribed to too many promotional emails. Because of this I occassionally missed important emails that came to my gmail. This was why I had preferred using my school email (get less spams, less likely to miss important e-mails), but I realized at some point that I cannot use it anymore if I graduate. So this is how I ended up wanting my solely-personal email which also reflects my identity by using my domain name.

I picked as the e-mail address which I am really satisfied with. Let’s say a stranger saw this e-mail address. The address is so intuitive that they will think that it must be ilkyu’s, or, at least, of someone who owns the domain name Overall, I love this e-mail address and I’ve been sharing it with my friends. I even ran a raffle where people participate by sending a meaningful e-mail to me. I have several participants but they seem to have forgotten about it, so I’m not giving out prizes lol. I’m such a good troll. troll face

How to get an e-mail address for your own domain

Anyway, to make an e-mail address that uses your domain name, you need an e-mail hosting. In the past, Google provided this service, Google Apps, for free to personal use e-mails, but now they have changed the name to Google Suite and removed the free plan. I think it’s because they were aiming businesses not individuals like me. However, there are still good free email hostings, such as Zoho and Yandex, and among them I chose Pawnmail. The reasons are (1) The developer, Andrew Belt, had a really cool website as you can see below (2) no ad, however you can donate money if you want to (3) 2GB is enough for me (4) just simple and neat, have almost all needed functionalities for an e-mail service.

Andrew Belt's Homepage

You can check out more information about Pawnmail on Easy to set up, it supports most of the e-mail clients that you currently use.

Written on March 8, 2017